Who We Are


We came up with Make Better, with the imperative goal of equipping our children with the tools they will need to make a better future.

MAKE BETTER... education

We have both been involved in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art+Design, & Math)  education for a few years. Michelle teaches STEAM summer and after-school programs and helped NYC DOE teachers learn coding. Nikhil works with i2 Learning, a pioneer in bringing STEM programs to schools. 

MAKE BETTER... lives

We live as sustainably as we can. We both compost. Michelle eats from her garden in Brooklyn. Nikhil recycles and repurposes computer hardware. We use STEAM tools to enhance our life and solve everyday problems. We created Make Better with the same ethos that we live our lives

MAKE BETTER... future

A warmer planet, water scarcity and feeding a planet of 9 billion people are among the many challenges our kids will soon face. To prepare them for a world full of jobs we can’t yet envision, we do know that teaching self-reliance, resourcefulness and ingenuity will be more important than ever.


Michelle yun

Michelle is the editorial producer for Quanta Magazine and is part of Maker Faire’s Maker Relations team at Make: Media, and helps produce the flagship faires in New York, the Bay Area and Washington D.C. During the previous five years, she worked on STEAM education initiatives with organizations such as the NYC Department of Education. Michelle has a BFA from the School of Visual Art in New York.

Nikhil thakur

Nikhil is responsible for finance and operations at i2 Learning, an organization that has partnered with institutions, such as MIT, to develop innovative STEM education programs. He previously has held roles in finance and technology at late stage startups in New York (RiskMetrics) and San Francisco (Zuora). Nikhil has an MBA from New York University.



Lead Facilitator
Nicole is an experienced camp counselor, event facilitator and maker. She has spent her entire life learning through hands on education; from walking across the country and volunteering with the University of New Orleans research facilities after the BP oil spill, to imagining larger than life sculptures made from recycled materials and bringing them to life. Nicole currently works in the arts and events world.