Earth Day Workshop

Saturday, April 21, 2018 (12pm - 3pm)
Brooklyn Commons
388 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn


SIPs: Sub-Irrigating Planters

Building sub-irrigating planters from recycled bottles!

The Takeaways:
- Repurposing plastic bottles
- Using felt for capillary action: the fabric soaks the water from the bottom reservoir UP to the plant
- Learning what plants need to grow: air, minerals from water, minerals from soil

At Home:
- ONLY add water to the reservoir after the top layer of soil has dried (1/2 inch)
- When the plant grows bigger, its roots might 'stitch' into the felt and go directly into the water. 
- When the roots make contact with the water in the bottom reservoir directly, keep the roots moist.

Neat Fact:
- With this method, the plant will grow as big as its roots can fit the container! 


Plant Prints

Making art with fresh leaves and flowers.

The Takeaways:
- Using natural plant pigments to create a painting
- Collecting leaves and flowers and identifying them
- Learning that the green color in leaves comes from chlorophyll, which captures the sun's energy.

At Home:
- Hang up your print and notice how it changes color as time goes by. 

Neat Fact:
- The first paints and dyes came from plants more than 5,000 years ago!



Thank you for attending!

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