How It Grows:
Build an edible garden in your home

August 5 - 9, 2019


Tinkering with nature

Learning where our food comes from is critical to our ability to make sustainable decisions in our everyday lives and connecting to our food in a meaningful way can empower these choices. Wherever you live, you can have a garden inside your home according to the needs of every different home along with the people inside them. Let's explore how plants grow and how they can grow in your house! 

What will we be making?

We will be building our own ecosystems and adapting larger projects based on the systems the students design themselves. Students can experiment on the rooftop garden to make an urban garden, energy-efficient architecture, water filtration systems and more!


Green Being:
Learn to be an Earth-friendly citizen

August 12 - 16, 2019


All living things are connected, including us. And so, what we do affects all the life around us. Waste and pollution challenge us to live better and to take better care of our surroundings. During this week, we will take a look at the health of our planet and how humans change their environment by examining the different ways our soil, water and air are affected. 

What will we be making?

We will be tinkering with ways to change our behavior and create energy-efficient solutions to the systems we currently live in.  Example projects range from forming a "green team" in the home or at school to projects that capture renewable energy sources include making hand-crank powered appliances, building solar-powered mechanisms, gadgets fueled by wind and more!